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Jul 8

When it comes to the winter solider arm, I made mine based off your tutorial but I used model magic. It's like a foam clay. And it worked really well. Of course it took ages to dry but I wanted to point out that that medium works very well!


Thanx for information) We never saw this material, but now we know) 
To be honest, there are tons of materials: some are better, some are cheaper, some are surprisengly easy to use. And sometimes the most ordinary materials are very hard to find. So, thank you one more time)

Jul 1

What kind of spray paint did you use in the Winter Soldier's mask? By the way, your cosplay it's beautiful! Sorry if I made some grammar mistake, english is not my native language... *hugs*


It was not a spray paint. I’m afraid spray paint is bad idea: toxic smell can stay for a long time and you will inhale it. I used simple acrylic paint and brush.

Magneto helmet with magnetic powers. 
In-progress photos with some comments. We plan to make video tutorial “how to make foam shape without pattern”, but have absolutely no time(( 

Jun 8


[mercury writes]

Sometimes life sucks.

But it still not so bad when you can make apple pie with Cap’s shield decoration. So I made one.


And it looks like “you tried” Life still sucks >___<


It was made to eat it, not to look at it.


It was delicious. And half still left! I can’t be sad, thinking about it. Thank you for cheer up, Cap-pie!

[mercury’s out]

Jun 1

You and me both, Nat. #BlackWidow #NextWeeksMarvels #comics #Marvel

9 of 10 days, all our damn life.


You and me both, Nat. #BlackWidow #NextWeeksMarvels #comics #Marvel

9 of 10 days, all our damn life.

Twins Geek Shop is on vacation

Now we are working on a big project for Starcon convention, so there can be no updates till the middle of july or about. We have many ideas for new toys, pillows, clothes etc., but main part of it will be for the first time on Starcon and only after convention - in our shop.

Thank you for your support! Stay tuned!

Michael Fassbender playing with magnetic helmet that we made for him.

(Helmet by us, vasyavzdroihev and jiyouh)

Magneto helmet with magnetic power for Michael Fassbender. Closer look.

Made by us, vasyavzdroihev and jiyouh.

We, vasyavzdroihev and jiyouh made this helmet as a gift for Michael Fassbender. It has magnetic power, Michael was playing with it and coin, it was so funny! He was really tired but kinda happy that it’s not just stuff for sign, but gift for him))

More photos to come. And even video demonstration of magnetic power))

We was VIP guests at “X-Men: Days of the Future Past” exclusive premiere.
Daisy a.k.a. Alexandra as version of Quicksilver, mercury a.k.a. Evgenia as version of Scarlet Witch. 

Thank Geekers for this opportunity! 

May 9

How I made my Captain America’s shield

[Daisy a.k.a. Alexandra]:

Some people was interested in how I made my Captain America’s shield. So, I think it’s time to tell this dramatic story))) 

That time I had no money and no time. But I’ve really needed new shield. And this shield had to look as good as possible. Not very successful combination…

Soooooo… This is standard technology “master model -> rubber mold -> plastic cast”. But with “no money and no time” factor. And “I’ve never did such huge mold” factor.
And I have no workshop or garage, or just suitable room: I’ve made it all in my bedroom.

1) Master model.

Mistake: because I was spinning plywood template around model, pressure was not constant. As result - radial ridges and pits. 

2) Mold.

First layer: MoldMax 10 (Smooth-On). I’ve used all I had.
Mistake: this layer is too thin, it must be 2-3 times thicker. 

Second layer: some very lame (but very cheap!) made-in-russia rubber. It was all I had too. But layer thikness was okay. Mistake was to use this rubber…

Сasing made of alabaster. Mistake: ALABASTER. It’s heavy and fragile. 
Mold with casing had weight almost 10kg and I needed to keep this mold on outstretched arms and shake it for a 5-10 minutes without pauses while casting (It’s not easy for a girl). Alabaster was cracking and one day casing was just broken to many pieces. 

Mold! Looks not too bad. Don’t trust your eyes…

3) Casting!
I’ve used Smooth-Cast 300 for first layer and Feather Light for second (both by Smooth-On).
Casting technology like here:

Mold with casting.

Master model, mold and casting.

Casting. First one, it was used for this cosplay: 
Each next casting was worse and worse, beause first layer of mold was too thin, second was made of shit, casing was cracking more and more… And as result: mold was getting great damages each time. 

4) Painting.
I’ve used chrome spray paint for first layer and Dupli-Color Metalcast spray paint for red and blue parts.

5) Handles.
Handles made of fake leather and just clued by hot glue. It’s possible because shield weights only 1,3kg. 

6) Painting for “damaged” effect. 
It was made in the heat of passion, because it was third day almost without sleeping, and we was making that huge Iron Man thing on the background, and you really don’t want to know all the horrifying details.
I just barely can remember how I’ve done this painting.

Thank you for reading! Daisy out.

May 9

the last of a kind…



Mew-mew-mjolnir kittens!
You can adopt one of them, if you like. We ship worldwide :3

On sale again!

We don’t know, if after sold out this listing will be renewed again or not. So hurry up! Get it before it’s too late! )))

We thought we sold all of them, but one left.
We can’t make more until at least the end of july, so it can be the last of a kind! It’s a bit sad… But we made about 70 mjolnirs since november, so it’s a large family!
We made auction listing on ebay for this one because it can be fun! He-he-he ))) It’s here: 
There is a photo of last one with the first one:

The firstborn was made to test patterns and fabric, so it’s a bit unprepossessing. But we love him very much, because you know, it’s there all started.

Maybe we will back to these cuties in august or about. But now we want to move forward, make some brand new stuff )

May 9

Hi there! I was wondering how do you make your captain america shield. I need some tips because I'm making one for my brother :3


It was resin casting technology. It needs skill, takes a lot of time and it’s not cheap, but if you do good, you can make as many copies as you wish. We can show some pictures of process if you want.

May 8

By 'put it together' I mean how you made/obtained the items in your outfit and how you chose style. Really anything would help a ton, your cosplay was really amazing!

[mercury. a.k.a. Evgeniya]:

It’s very interesting question! I wanted to answer deployed and at last I have time to do it!

First, I want to say about principals me and sister use, making cosplay suits:

1. It must looks - at least a little - like real clothes what real people can wear. No blaze colors, if only it is costume specialty. Use realistic fabric, etc.

2. It must looks good and beautiful. It sounds obviously, but it’s easy to lose trying to do perfect copy.

3. Grasp the distinctive features. It can be special buttons, skirt lenght, maybe silhouette with unnaturally thin waist, that kind of things.

4. The devil is in the details. Never lose details, never forget accessories, it’s really changing everything!

And about Winter Soldier costume:

I wanted to do pair to sister’s Captain America dress: same skirt, same fabric, short sleeve too. Not extreme sexy, but suitable for daily. And I wanted something “alike”, not really a cosplay.

Next I had to decide about decollete. I saw that form on original costume:

I took 5-6 tries to draw sketch, and there you are:

I’m bad in drawing, so it looks terrible )))

And look at this: I made it. It’s good made, but there is no details yet. Wrong boots, no wig, no belts and even buttons. And it sucks! )))

About boots: in final version it’s New Rock, an old model. I just have it for a long time. It’s agressive, sexy (but not slutty or sassy) and with metal heels, so it’s just perfect, especially for villain.

Other are just belts and guns. Just improvised with these. I had 5 guns and 2 knifes. And make-up, mask, wig and metal arm of course.

A note: I never planned to wear black leggins and black glove on the right hand, but when costume was made, there was something missing in the overall image. So, it’ iimprovisation too. And in the end it looks not so bad, as picture before:

May 7
Finally received our trophies for second place in Hannibal Out and About contest: 
Thank you, Hannibal Cafe! &lt;3 

Finally received our trophies for second place in Hannibal Out and About contest: 

Thank you, Hannibal Cafe! <3