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You not always have enough time, but it’s not reason to give up.

We made this Star Lord mask in less than 24 hours and groot mask in about 8 hours.

Those dog tags we can preorder now. Is there a chance to make two tags on one chain and if so how much would that order be?


Chain costs less than dog tag and even less than price for shipping for additional item, so it’s not such a big difference  (it’s about 0,3$). So, you just will have reserve chain. Chains are wearing out faster than dog tags.

I'm sorry, you must be sick of cosplay questions. I was wondering if you wore harnesses/holsters?xx


We have some free time now, so it’s ok!)
Yes, we made system of holsters for guns and knives. Black leather and studs… It looks very alike bdsm harness :DDDD

hello sweetie, I was wondering where you got your weapons for your winter soldier cosplay? That is the hardest part to get for me!


To be honest, we found the cheapest on-line toy store and bought there the cheapest toy weapons, that looks not too ugly. And one gun just the biggest in store (but it still was about 20$). 

Hawkeye vs. BRO!

(Russia, Saint Petesburg, Starcon, Marvel&DC fan-booth)

Captain America and Winter Soldier dog tags.

$10 for one. Pre-order now in our shop!

 It will be ready for shipping in about two weeks.


We’re back from Starcon. It’s time to update our shop!

Today some our classic items: Pepper Potts pendants, Arc Reactor Earrings and Mew-Mjolnirs.

Coming soon: Captain America and Winter Soldier dog tags!

Some photos from “Guardians of the Galaxy” Moscow premiere.
This time we made costumes not only for ourselfs and friends, but even for our mother (Groot) and little brother(Rocket).
Collector by Daisy, Carina by Ira, Gamora by vasyavzdroihev, Ronan by jiyouh.

Movie is AWESOME! Can’t wait to see it one more time (or 2 more, or 3..)

Two more photos by our favorite and best photographer jiyouh

Finally, our photos from Starcon-2014 (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)!
Steve Rogers and Bucky cosplay by us (Daisy as Steve and mercury as Bucky). Robin is unknown. 
Decorations (big icicle and cryo-container)  are also made by us! 

Hi! Your winter soldier cosplay is amazing :D !! I'm planning on cosplaying him in a convention here in AK on september.. and I already did the arm using your tutorial which was very useful~ But can I ask on where you got your wig from? I've been looking through ebay and amazon and I can't find a decent one :/ thanks!


It was very cheap wig. We modified these wig: haircut, then straightening, then re-curling… So, it’s not much of original wig that we bought. 

STARLORD AT THE MOSCOW UNDERGROUND!!!We just were going back from Moscow’s premiere of the Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy”. It was too fun, we just couldn’t stop :D

We just were going back from Moscow’s premiere of the Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy”. It was too fun, we just couldn’t stop :D

Jul 8

When it comes to the winter solider arm, I made mine based off your tutorial but I used model magic. It's like a foam clay. And it worked really well. Of course it took ages to dry but I wanted to point out that that medium works very well!


Thanx for information) We never saw this material, but now we know) 
To be honest, there are tons of materials: some are better, some are cheaper, some are surprisengly easy to use. And sometimes the most ordinary materials are very hard to find. So, thank you one more time)

Jul 1

What kind of spray paint did you use in the Winter Soldier's mask? By the way, your cosplay it's beautiful! Sorry if I made some grammar mistake, english is not my native language... *hugs*


It was not a spray paint. I’m afraid spray paint is bad idea: toxic smell can stay for a long time and you will inhale it. I used simple acrylic paint and brush.

Magneto helmet with magnetic powers. 
In-progress photos with some comments. We plan to make video tutorial “how to make foam shape without pattern”, but have absolutely no time((